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Restrictions apply. Pricing based on square footage shown in the NWMLS or CBA. Matterport 3D Service Agreement “Terms”, pricing, and services subject to change without prior notice. By purchasing and using the Services provided by SAMIAmedia the “Service Provider”; you the “Customer” acknowledge and agree to the Matterport 3D Services Agreement “Terms” available for review at:
As a friendly reminder, SAMIAmeda the Service Provider agrees to process and host the created Matterport Space on the Matterport platform for a period up to 1 year OR until the Space is SOLD, CANCELED, EXPIRED, RENTED, SALE FAIL RELEASE or LEASED following the completion of Capture Services (Created Date). After the completion of the Hosting Term, Service Provider will toggle created Matterport Space within Service Provider’s Matterport Cloud Account to “Private” rendering it un-accessible and unviewable by you the Customer and Public. Created Matterport Space will be subject to permanent deletion from Service Provider’s Matterport Cloud Account. See our Matterport 3D Service Agreement for complete details. If you choose; longer hosting can be purchased. You must purchase before the completion of the initial hosting term to avoid permanent Space deletion.