Matterport Scan Training for Real Estate Brokers

If you've a Real Estate Broker using a Matterport camera system for your marketing channels, and discovered that it's not quite "push button simple" - we can help.
I've personality scanned over 1,000 spaces since 2015, and helping you provide the highest level of 3D Showcases for your clients is my goal.
Buyers and sellers deserve to explore spaces that look amazing and flow naturally. Let’s get you trained to scan like a pro!
  • $350 for a single Broker training session
  • $100 per each additional Broker
Note: 4 brokers max per session
Location & Listing Size
  • At Broker's listing 4,000 ft² or less
  • Training Area: Within Pierce, South King and Thurston Counties
  • Travel fee will apply for sessions outside the training area
  • Up to 3 Hours of onsite Matterport training
Who Can Attend
  • Washington State Licensed Real Estate Brokers
Note: Video capture, audio recording or photography of the training session is strictly prohibited
  • To provided Brokers with the Matterport skills, knowledge, and Best Practices to successfully complete a Matterport scan of your listing
How it Works
  • I'll demonstrate my Matterport camera setup and other equipment I use
  • You'll operate your equipment throughout the training session; make sure to bring the following:
    • One Matterport pro camera
    • iPad or iPhone with the latest version of Matterport's Capture App installed
    • Tripod
Note: Make sure to fully charge camera and iPad/iPhone batteries; make sure your camera's firmware is up to date
Onsite Training Overview
  • Matterport Like a Pro | Packet Includes:
    • Scan Prep Checklist for Broker and Seller
    • Onsite Scan Techniques
    • Camera Placement Reference Map
    • Camera Support Equipment List
    • Resource List with Links
  • Setup and Room Prep
    • Developing a successful scan plan
    • Optimal camera heights
    • Optimal camera placement and distance between scans
  • Matterport Capture App
    • How and when to use the Trim, Window and Mirror tools
    • How to managing camera error messages
    • How to manage slow transfer rates
    • How to manage Capture App issues
    • How to recover from alignment errors
  • Scan Technique Best Practices
    • How to scan to create high quality images to use as listing photos
    • How to complete the textured mesh for awesome Dollhouse views
    • How to avoid mesh holes in floors and walls that cause navigation issues
    • How to scan small rooms and doorways
    • How to manage mirrors and other reflective surfaces
    • How to scan in direct sunlight
    • How to scan stairs and multiple floors
    • How to scan empty and repetitive spaces
    • What you should not scan
  • How and when to use 360° view capture
    • Interior
    • Exterior
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