Imagine the Possibilities
Imagine the Possibilities
Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine the Possibilities

What kind of Pro2 Matterport can we build for you?

Real Estate

Residential, Luxury, Commercial, Model Homes, Custom Homes, Condominiums,  RE Investor's Before & After, Market Rate Apartments, Apartment Building Amenities, Vacation Rentals, For Sale by Owners, Confidential Scan Sessions

Custom 3D Matterport, VR and 360° Imaging Projects



Hotels, Hotel Rooms & Suites, Resorts, Spas, Lounges, Indoor Pool & Gym Facilities, Game Rooms, Lodges, Cabins, Bed & Breakfasts, Restaurants, Vacation Rentals, A Property Marketing Solution


Retail Stores, Office Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Training Facilities, Medical Offices & Health Care Facilities, Dental Offices, Fitness Facilities, Showrooms, Aerospace Facilities, Golf & Country Clubs

Transportation & Travel

Luxury Car Showrooms, Classic Car Showrooms, Auto Showrooms, Yachts, Aircraft, Aviation Facilities, Luxury RV’s, Tour Buses, Cruise Ships, Tour Boats, Trains, RV Park Amenities

Restaurants & Food Service

Private Dining Rooms & Exclusive Use Restaurants, Fine Dining, Restaurants, Pizzerias, Wineries, Bars, Breweries, Delis, Coffee Shops, Bistros, Cafes, Specialty Food & Vitamin Stores, Your Food Truck, Culinary Kitchens & Training Areas

Construction Industry

Construction Projects -Highrises To Homes, Tenant Improvements, Cover Inspection Scans, Progress Update Surveys, As-built Solutions, Mechanical Rooms, Electrical Rooms, Plumbing & Pump Rooms, MDF/IDF Spaces, Control Centers, HVAC Spaces, Fire Pump & Riser Rooms, Fire Control Centers, Boiler Rooms, Pre-Construction Site Surveys, Architect Design Team Surveys, IT Rooms, Tee-bar/Dropped Ceiling Scans Before Tile, Proof of Inventory Solutions, Building Maintenance/Training Team Solutions, Remote Team Solutions, Scans for Project Marketing

The Matterport Pro 3D Camera captures 2D photography and 3D data from job sites, and automatically stitches them into a complete, immersive 3D model of a real-world job site that you can share, annotate, and export point clouds to Autodesk ReCap® or Revit®. The service SAMIAmedia provides is quicker than 3D laser scanning and more complete than handheld 3D scanners. ACCURATE WITHIN 1%*. Scanning is not only quick but also accurate enough to generate point clouds and polygons for as-builts and construction documentation.
*Under normal operating conditions. De-calibration, abnormal temperatures and other factors may result in reduced accuracy.

Industry Solutions

Tourism, Senior Living Facilities, Health Care, Remote Insurance Adjusting Solution, Proof of Inventory Solutions, Manufacturing Facilities, Server Rooms, Fashion Industry & Modeling, Aerospace Facilities, Packaging Facilities, Shipping Facilities, Building Maintenance/Training Team Solutions


Wedding Venues, Receptions Spaces, Public Venues, Indoor Sports Facilities, Churches, Historical Venues, Non-Profit Facilities, Marketing Solution

Unique Spaces

Production Scouting Solutions, Museums, Historical Venues, Haunted Houses, Art Exhibits, Limited Outdoor Spaces, Public Art, Holiday Displays, Journalism  "Helping Tell The Story", Tree Houses, Tiny Homes, Confidential Scan Sessions

For Law Enforcement, Forensic, Fire & Judicial

Please contact us to speak with our certified forensic video expert regarding Law Enforcement, Forensic, Fire & Judicial 3D scan services.