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About Free Photo Snapshots

I believe the 4K images or "snapshots" capture with the Matterport Pro2 camera array are by-products of the Matterport True3D™ scan itself; for that reason I deliver them FREE to my clients. They’re not perfect but meet the marketing requirements for most listings. That being said; here are 10 things you should know:
1. I deliver the highest resolution Matterport snapshots. Matterport possessing adjusts the white balance and color corrects as needed.
2. I do not crop or edit the Photo Snapshots in any way. I do composes the images.
3. Exterior photos are weather dependent and may NOT be included in the final Showcase. The cameras and infrared array are not waterproof.
4. I make every effort to shield the camera array and tripod from reflective surfaces (mirrors, windows, glass, flat screens etc.) however, these camera positions are necessary to capture the 3D depth data required to complete a Matterport 3D model. I cannot control the quantity of reflective surfaces used in a home so you may see the camera in some snapshots.
5. There may be slight image panel alignment anomalies in some snapshots.
6.  I typically supply 25 to 50 snapshots, sometimes more.
7.  Be sure to read our Matterport 3D Services Agreement for proprietary rights and licenses.
8. SAMIAmedia is a Northwest MLS approved photographer. 
9. I work with a select few 2-D photographers and can recommend a 2-D Pro if your project requires professional photography with advanced editing. Please contact me for more information.
10. Some photo snapshots may seem irrelevant but are used for navigation points inside the Showcase and VR.

Below are examples of actual unedited Photo Snapshots and Floor Plans captured with our Matterport Pro2 3D cameras.

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Below are some examples of our 2D Schematic Floor Plans

Floor plans are an add-on option. See our pricing page for details.