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Not all Matterport tours are the same?

Don’t settle for a "gen 1" Matterport when you can have 4x the image quality.
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For an Unbelievable 4K Matterport True3D™ Pro2 Showcase Up to 4,000 ft²

Plus 25+ Free HD Photo Snapshots!

Listings over 4,000 ft² add $50 for each 1,000 ft² up to 10k ft²
Give home shoppers the virtual keys and the freedom to navigate a property from the comfort of their own home.

Empower prospective buyers to explore your listing 24/7


Paying is fast, easy and secure

Onsite we accept checks, major credit and debit cards, chip cards, Samsung Pay, even contactless payments like Apple Pay.
If you prefer, we can send you an invoice through FreshBooks to pay online later.


Each 4K Matterport True3D™ Pro2 Showcase Includes

True3D™ Pro2 Showcase
With our Pro2 4K Capture, you get an Unbelievable Matterport True3DVirtual Tour including the Branded URL, MLS compliant URL, Branded iFrame Embed Code & More! Plus Next Day Delivery
Free HD Photos!
SAVING YOU MONEY! You get 25 or more HD Pro2 Photo Snapshots ready for the MLS, Web & Print! At NO EXTRA COST!
Example Photos
Dollhouse Views
Signature Dollhouse, Plan and Inside Views! We’ve discovered that the 3D Dollhouse produces a ton of engagement and traffic with online shoppers. We include the Dollhouse image with your FREE photos!
Basic Highlights Reel
A basic Highlights Reel with Showcase images so home shoppers can scroll through for fast navigation to the features they love the most.
Social Sharing
As the world explores your listing, prospective home buyers can effortlessly share their experience on social media, with friends and family -all by using Matterport’s built in Social Sharing Icons and Link!
Virtual Reality
CoreVR turns your Pro2 Matterport Showcase into an Incredible Immersive Virtual Reality Experience for home shoppers. Use with Gear VR, Oculus, Cardboard, Daydream, WebVR & Matterport's VR App


About Panel
About Panel Assets added so you can lead capture and send prospective buyers to your site to learn more! Name, Phone Number, Email, Website "Learn More" Link & Brief Property Summery
Helping you get it Closed! We’ll host your Showcase on the Matterport platform for FREE up to 1 year, or until the listing is Sold, Canceled, Expired, or Rented. Longer Hosting is available.

If you really want to blow the competition out of the water, check out these

Add-on Marketing Assets

Mattertags & Multimedia Mattertags


Explore the World of Mattertags Here

You get 10 Mattertags! Give us your list of features & media links - we'll do the rest.

Mattertag Content is simple, sleek, and powerful. It's easy for us to create dynamic, informative, and intuitive experiences by embedding text descriptions, video, audio, photos, and more, right in your 3D Spaces.

Mattertags and Multimedia Mattertags can turn your listing into a multimedia hub. They're anchored to points in the 3D model data, so we're able to add descriptions and embed almost anything like additional photos, video, drone video or audio files right in your 3D Space. This turns Listings into a powerful tool for communicating with remote buyers, property buyers, prospective lessees, or global audiences.

Premium Highlights Reel


Premium Highlights Reel Guided Tour with Blue Line Walk-through transportation to next tour location

Explore a Showcase with a Premium Highlights Reel here.

Schematic 2D Floor Plans


Schematic 2D Floor Plans

Floor Plans make great collateral for property marketing as well as a useful add-on for new homeowners. Traditionally they’re expensive and add another complication to your listing process.

We generate black-and-white floor plans right from your Matterport Space by possessing though Matterport. They are made from the same data collected from the scan so there’s no need for us to return to the property to collect measurements.

Quick turn-around (1 to 2 days) means you can get your marketing materials out faster with less hassle. Schematic Floor Plans are complete with room dimensions and room labels.

NOTE: Please allow 1 to 2 days for delivery. By default, we REMOVE the “GROSS INTERNAL AREA” information from the floor plans before delivery. Please read our “Matterport 3D Services Agreement” for details.


Checkout our Gallery of Floor Plans Here

SamiaPak Showcase Bundle — SAVE 20%

$76  Save 20%

The SamiaPak Bundle Showcase Add-on Includes

•You get 10 Mattertags

•Schematic 2D Floor Plans

•The Premium Highlights Reel Guided Tour

The LuxPak Showcase Bundle — SAVE BIG!


TheLuxPak Bundle Showcase Add-on Includes

•Up to 25 Mattertags

•Schematic 2D Floor Plans

•Premium Highlights Reel.

•1 full year of Hosting on the Matterport platform

•Up to 3 Pro2 Elevated 360° View Positions

•Attached garage added (3-car or less)

•One free Out Building Showcase (1,000 sf or less)

Please let us know at time of scheduling that you would like this Add-on.

Pro2 Elevated 360° Image


Per Elevated 360° View Position

Do you really need to spend your marketing money on a drone video that shows the roof, gutters, and a no doubt spectacular view that you can’t see from the home?

SAMIAmedia is the only MSP in the area offering these amazing Pro2 Elevated 360° View Positions that will allow prospective buyers to stop and take a realistic detail look around. Take advantage today!

Our Elevated 360° View Positions add a unique element to your True3D™ Showcase. Whether you have tall ceilings or need that extra awesome view of the grounds, Our Elevated 360° View Positions make it happen.

Add Attached Garage to your Showcase


Add attached garage as part of the main Showcase - 3 car or less

Out Building Showcase •Shop •Detached Garage •ADU •Guest House & More



Onsite Out Building Showcase - 1,000 SF or Less

•Work Shop •Detached Garage •ADU •Guest House •Barn or Shed •Stable •Greenhouse •Pool House •Outdoor Kitchen

Connected to main Showcase by Multimedia Mattertag

MatterPak™ Commercial Assets Bundle by Matterport


MatterPak™ Commercial Assets Bundle by Matterport


•Colorized point cloud (.xyz)

•Reflected ceiling plan image (.jpg)

-Multiple files if multiple floors (.pdf)

-All floors in one single file

•High resolution floor plan image (.jpg)

-Multiple files if multiple floors (.pdf)

-All floors in one single file

•OBJ file (.obj)

-Same OBJ file that you could obtain earlier

The MatterPak™ Bundle is for architects, engineers, and construction professionals who want to import these assets into third-party programs (3ds max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD), perform additional work, and then offer as part of a commercial package to their clients. Example:

•Architects and engineers can use the point cloud to jump-start their designs.

•Construction professionals can use the ceiling plan and floor plan images for documentation/verification and building turnover packages or use the point cloud as a part of the QA/QC process.

3D data is accurate to within 1% of reality. Ceiling plan and floor plan images contain a scale legend. Contact us to learn more about accuracy.

Social Media Bundle


Social Media Bundle

• Short Intro - 320x240 GIF

•10 to 15 second Teaser Video - 480p MP4

•Indoor 360° Snapshot for Facebook

•Outdoor 360° Snapshot for Facebook

Raw Video for YouTube or Vimeo


Raw Video for YouTube or Vimeo

• Includes Premium Highlights Reel

•Raw video of your Highlights Reel Guided Tour

•Ready for you to add your own music and branding or upload as is




Longer Hosting

Starting at $12

Need to keep the Showcase active after term expires?

Extend the term

• $12 for 3 months
• $24 for 6 months
• $36 for 9 months
• $48 for 12 months

Please read our "Matterport 3D Services Agreement"

Raw Land Showcase


Raw Land Showcase includes

•Up to ten 360° Images, Standard & Elevated from within and around the property

•20 HD Photos from within and around the property

•Your Drone video added in a Multimedia Mattertag

•All set to a Premium Highlights Reel.

•1 year of Hosting on the Matterport platform

•Social Sharing Icons and Link!

Scheduling is weather dependent. Travel fee may apply.

Your Trusted, Licensed, and Insured Matterport True3D™ Service Provider


Restrictions apply. Pricing based on square footage shown in the NWMLS or CBA. Matterport 3D Service Agreement “Terms”, pricing, and services subject to change without prior notice. By purchasing and using the Services provided by SAMIAmedia the “Service Provider”; you the “Customer” acknowledge and agree to the Matterport 3D Services Agreement “Terms” available for review at: