Showcase Add-on Details

$49 MP Photo Pak

MP Photo Pak

For Listings 6,000 ft² or less | Matterport 3D Showcase purchase required
We now offer an affordable photo solution giving you the hero image for the MLS as well as other property photos you need to market your listing.
• Save $96 when you order with the Matterport 3D Showcase!
• We capture exteriors with pro Canon DSLR cameras and pro lenes; interiors captured with our Matterport Pro2 camera array
• We deliver the highest resolution Matterport snapshots
• We provide 25 or more photos
• PLUS Bonus 3D Dollhouse image
• Next Day Delivery
• Sky replacements upon request
• SAMIAmedia is a Northwest MLS Approved Photographer
We make every effort to shield the camera array and tripod from reflective surfaces like mirrors, windows, glass, flat screens etc.  We cannot control the quantity of reflective surfaces used in a home so you may see the camera in some snapshots. If you are having the home staged, we recommend NOT using mirrors as a staging element and remove unnecessary reflective surfaces.
There may be slight image panel alignment anomalies in some Matterport snapshots.
For a luxury photo shoot or listings over 6,000 ft², contact us for details.
Visit our Matterport Pro2 Gallery HERE.

Our Luxury Listing Pak adds these amazing features to a Matterport True3D™ Showcase

• Labeled Highlights Reel Guided Tour
• Rooms Labeled in Plan Views & Highlights Reel
• Custom Showcase Summary in Information Panel
• Up to 6 - 360° Outdoor Scan Position placed in dollhouse view*
• 2 - 360° Images for Social
• Up to 15 Mattertag Annotations (Reg and/or Multimedia)

Enhanced Showcase Link with Your Logo & Optional Headshot

Enhanced Showcases are next level Matterport! Some features include: Your logo and headshot (optional) added to the info panel and Minimap navigation. How cool is that? Leverage this incredible technology for your listing.

• Your Logo and Optional Headshot Image Added to Information Panel
• Contact Icons
• Interactive Minimap with Compass Location
• Enhanced Color Added
• Highlights Directory Added to Information Panel
• Mattertag Directory Added to Information Panel

Click here to explore our Enhanced Showcase Gallery


Schematic Floor Plans

• Allow up to 2 days from capture date for delivery
• Matterport True3D™ Showcase Purchase Required
• Print, MLS and Web Ready
• We deliver floor plans in .PDF and .JPG files
• We REMOVE the “GROSS INTERNAL AREA” info before delivery
• Original “GROSS INTERNAL AREA” version available on request
• For spaces 10,000 ft² or less
Please read our “Matterport 3D Services Agreement” for details

Click here to explore our Floor Plan Gallery


MatterPak™ Commercial Assets Bundle

MatterPak™ Bundle is a set of commercial 3D assets for import into third party programs. It contains:

• Color point cloud (.xyz)
• Reflected ceiling plan image (.jpg and .pdf)
• High resolution floor plan image (.jpg and .pdf)
• OBJ file of the 3D mesh (.obj)

MatterPak™ Bundle is for the following users:

• Architects and engineers for as-built designs
• Construction professionals for documentation and turnover packages
• Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Note: 3D data is accurate to within 1% of reality, Point cloud and OBJ scale: 1 unit = 1 meter, Ceiling plan and floor plan images contain a scale legend


Outdoor & Large Property LiDAR Showcases

We take 3D Space capture to the next level with industrial quality scanning power by Leica and Matterport

Contact Us for Project Estimate

LiDAR Scans are perfect for the following users:

Architects and engineers
Construction professionals for documentation , as-builts and turnover packages
Commercial Real Estate Brokers
Luxury Real Estate Brokers


• LiDAR compliments Matterport 3D Showcase by allowing the scanning of large spaces and outdoor areas.
• With massive range and incredible accuracy, we are able to provide accurate point clouds for 3D BIM models alongside a 3D virtual tour that can be used for project documentation and design software.
• Special scheduling and longer onsite scan times required; contact us for details


Compare Showcase quality, pricing, features, service, experience, and you’ll discover why SAMIAmedia is leading Western Washington in professional Matterport True3D™ services.
We offer features and add-ons that other providers may not have or cannot make available to you.
As an early adopter (early 2015) we have completed hundreds of Showcases with tens of thousands of scan sweeps. We know how to Matterport!

Win listings, cut costs and beat the competition!

Spend more time winning listings and leave the Matterport to us

Paying is fast, easy and secure

After we deliver your Showcase virtual tour and purchased assets, you will receive an invoice for services rendered through FreshBooks. Pay safely and securely online!

Your Trusted, Licensed, and Insured Matterport True3D™ Service Provider

Since 2015

We capture amazing spaces with our Gen-2 Matterport Pro2 cameras with Fast Capture; 4x the image quality in 1/2 the time, and Leica Geosystems LiDAR-based imaging laser scanners for outdoor and large space Showcases
*Restrictions apply. Pricing based on square footage shown in the NWMLS or CBA. Matterport 3D Service Agreement “Terms”, pricing, and services subject to change without prior notice. By purchasing and using the Services provided by SAMIAmedia the “Service Provider”; you the “Customer” acknowledge and agree to the Matterport 3D Services Agreement “Terms” available for review at: SAMIAmedia is a Northwest MLS Approved Photographer