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Providing Professional Matterport 3D Services Since 2015

As your Northwest Matterport Leader and Proud Service Partner, we “get” 3D.

Matterport 3D and Virtual Reality technology is moving at the speed of light. Having a Matterport professional who specializes in the Matterport Pro & Pro2 3D Showcase platforms, and is trained on the latest Matterport updates will help you leverage this new, incredible technology.

  • Matterport’s NEW PRO2 4K Ultra-HD Camera Platform
  • Multimedia Mattertag Posts
  • Social Sharing
  • Floor Plans
  • 360° Views
  • CoreVR
  • Syndication


Committed to bringing you the best Matterport 3D Showcases possible. We bring you the complete Matterport 3D Showcase.

We are not in video or drone space; we specialize to master the Pro & Pro2 platforms so we can deliver the best 3D Showcases possible. Because we specialize, and have mastered the Matterport platforms, we can offer other Matterport features and services that other providers may not offer or don’t have the ability to make available to you.

Compare model quality, pricing, features, services, experience, and you’ll discover why SAMIAmedia is your Master Matterport Service Provider & Proud Service Partner.



Quality You Depend On -Experience You Can Trust

SAMIAmedia was an early adopter of the Matterport platforms. We are a proud Matterport Service Partner with hundreds of Showcases and tens of thousands of scan sweeps complete. We have the experience and skill to understand the imagery, textured mesh, space geometry and flow of your space to create the highest quality 3D models possible. Like the fine folks at Matterport Inc., our goal is to create virtual experiences that feel truly real, whether viewed on the web on mobile devices or in virtual reality.


Customer Client Care

We treat our clients and property owners with the utmost respect when scanning a space. We understand and honor the need that some clients may require for complete anonymity. We understand the emotional connection owners may have with a property and are sensitive to their needs. We also deliver our Showcases quickly – next day. We understand markets and your need to leverage them in a timely manner. We provide clients with a Client Access Webpage so they can easily access Showcase information and market accordingly.

We respect the spaces we Showcase. We wear professional grade shoe protection and use other surface protection as needed. We will not bring food or beverages into your space.

We understand the dynamics that make your business thrive, and will help you market your 3D Showcase successfully. We respond quickly to your questions to help you stay on track. When scheduling your scan session on our website; if you cannot find a date and time that is covenant for your schedule, please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate.

les@lesbaker.net   (253) 312-4998


Real Business

Real business professionalism you expect and deserve. As a licensed and insured business, we take our business relationships very seriously. Our pricing structure is competitive and fair. Our payment methods are safe and secure, and use a professional scheduling solution that is customer friendly. We show up on time for our appointments.


Les Baker Owner