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Residential Capture Checklist Updated September 8, 2021
Required for Capture Service
  • Note: We take common sense steps as it relates to any virus
  • Any persons onsite and outside during capture must stay clear of windows and consistently stay out of view of 3D camera array and reflective surfaces
  • To avoid a cancellation at time of service appointment and rescheduling delays, please be ready for the appointment. We do not "standby" for cleaning and prep to be completed
  • Schedule "work from home time" contractors and other services for another time
  • Capture takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes per 1,000 square feet
  • Capture must start on the lowest level of the home, then we work our way up
  • We require that the service location be in a clean, safe condition at time of service appointment
  • Unlike a traditional photo shoot, our 3D capture technology does not allow for furniture and other items to be relocated from room to room during the capture process
  • Unless approved by your broker, we do not capture small closets, attached garages, detached garages, unfinished spaces or outbuildings
  • Remove ALL automatic spray type air fresheners -spray mist will damage our camera array
  • Inform the service provider of any room you do not want captured and close that door
  • Secure all other interior doors in the full open position. Use door stops as necessary
  • Turn ON main room interior lighting
  • Turn OFF all ceiling fans
  • Turn OFF TV’s and computer monitors

Interior Recommendations
    • Try to keep corners in small rooms and spaces clear of large furniture to allow for camera placement.  
    • Before the service appointment, complete any de-cluttering and have all furniture arranged the way you want shown in the photography
    • Recommend storing out of site or removing any personal or confidential items you do not want shown in the final photos and virtual tour. Some examples are:
      • Family photos
      • Safes
      • Firearms
      • Mail and packages
      • Jewelry and Jewelry boxes
      • Prescription medications
      • Any art that may not comply with our terms of service
    • Recommend checking for and replacing any burnt out light bulbs before the capture service
    • Turn ON main room interior lighting
    • Do not turn on lamps unless they are the only light source in a room
    • Recommend removing any large mirrors that are not permanently affixed
    • Close lids on all toilets and adjust toilet paper rolls if you like
    • Recommend removing laundry hampers, kitchen, bath waste cans, recycle bins, pet bowls etc.
    • Empty the kitchen sink
    • Consistently adjust all window treatments
Exterior Recommendations
    • Recommend that no vehicles are parked in the front of the home
    • Hide garbage and recycle bins
    • Remove or hide any objects around the property that you do not want in the final photos or virtual tour
    • Remove pet waste from yard
    • Schedule contractors and other services for another time
Thank you!