Document your property and assets BEFORE disaster strikes

Designed for homeowners, businesses or anyone how wants to have a 3D digital asset record of a property or space

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Earthquakes, fires, floods, theft and other disasters happen. Telling the story of property and asset losses after the fact can be difficult. Having a secure offsite property/asset documentation solution can have a dramatic impact on how fast and accurate your claim is processed.
We offer a REAL 3D model of your space with online/offline viewing capabilities. Our password protected solution is crafted specifically for your property or space.
If you would like more information, please reach out for a free consultation to see how we can help you recover in the event disaster strikes.



  • If disaster strikes, you'll have an offsite, password protected, REAL 3D model digital record of your space and physical assets
  • Having the ability to use a REAL 3D model of a property and its assets in the claims process will reduce the time to settle a claim, and in turn, speeds up the restoration process


  • Contact us for a FREE consultation
  • Schedule a date and time for us to digitally capture your property or space
  • We document properties up to 10,000 square feet with our state-of-the-art 3D depth sensor camera array
  • We provide a password protected URL (Link) of the 3D modeled space
  • We provide a download of you captured space and the player to view it offline
    • Choose viewing platform: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Linux-64 bit or Mac OS
  • We provide a copy of the captured space, the player and assets on a secure flash dive
  • Safe and secure capture possess.
    • We would be happy to pass any background check or security measures you require to access your space
    • If requested, we will review and sign an NDA
    • Client anonymity


  • We can host your password protected 3D space
  • You can self-host and maintain the 3D space
  • Choose not to host entirely, and you maintain the digital assets


  • REAL 3D Model with:
    • Password Protection
    • 3D layout Views
    • 2D Plan Views
    • Mini Map Views and Navigation
    • Space Highlights 360 Views
  • Online and/or Offline 3D viewing Capabilities
  • Optional Self Hosting
  • 2D Black & White Floor plans
  • 2D photographs
  • 360 Images
  • Annotation call-outs in the 3D model
    • Add  text, photos, video and other information within the 3D model